Driver Epson DLQ 3500

Epson DLQ-3500 is a flatbed 24-pin dot-matrix printer. USB 1.1, 128KB interface. Outstanding accuracy for clear, professional results every time. What’s more, the DLQ-3500 has an optional network adapter, with a user-friendly interface that allows everyone to take advantage of its exceptional capabilities.


Increased performance that the Epson DLQ-3500 is all about. It delivers a stunning 550 CPS at 10 CPI in a high-speed project, 495 cpi at 10 CPI project, and 165 cpi in LQ.

Users and the environment

In accordance with Epson’s environmental policy, the Epson DLQ-3500 printers are made of non-toxic, easily recyclable materials. Straight path horizontal design ensures accurate printing at any time without crooked lines or smearing. It also helps to protect the environment by eliminating the wasteful use of paper.

Epson Technology-the key to universal paper processing

Printing on single sheets, envelopes, and continuous paper is just the beginning with the Epson DLQ-3500. For even more versatility, there is an automatic adjustment of the tear roller. The result is a precise, smooth print even on forms with labels. If you use a limited range of paper thickness, you can also switch to manual mode to set the optimal printing parameters manually.

Ease Of Printing

Switch to copy mode, and the powerful Epson DLQ-3500 can provide up to seven copies in addition to the original. And thanks to the high pressure impact of the long life of the 24-pin printhead, each copy is like the original.

To work in the network

In addition to the standard parallel and serial interfaces, you can install an additional Ethernet card in the Type B interface connector to enable the Epson DLQ-3500 printer in an extended multi-system network.

Driver Epson DLQ 3500 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Printer Driver 7Download

Driver Epson DLQ 3500 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Printer Driver 7Download
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