Driver Epson FX 2180

EPSON FX-2180 is a shock matrix 9-needle printer with a wide carriage, designed for medium and large volumes of printing in various areas of production. Designed for fast and high-quality printing on special paper media of various sizes. With high print speed, reliability, flexibility and high print quality, the FX-2180 is the perfect solution for any business.

The printer is designed for medium and large volumes of printing work. A distinctive feature of the FX-2180 is its high reliability in operation. It is characterized by high performance at low operating costs. The print resource of the time-to-failure is 10,000 hours, while the print speed reaches 500 characters per second. The resource of the print head is 300 million. Signs.

Filters and tanks built into the printer reduce the loss of ink during evaporation. The EPSON FX-2180 has a fairly good print quality for various industries.

Driver Epson FX 2180 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

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