Driver Epson FX 875

EPSON FX 875 matrix printer for medium and large volumes of printing work. The recommended print volume is 23,000 pages / month. Two optional edged sheet feeders can accommodate up to 200 sheets. The standard printer allows you to print up to 1+5 copies, and when using a pulling tractor, you can print 1+6 copies. The print speed of the printer is very high, so, for example, in the Ultra High Speed Draft print mode, it is equal to 566/680 characters per second (at a density of 10/12 cpi).

The FX 875 is extremely reliable in operation and operation. The print volume before failure (MVBF) is 52 mil. lines, and the time to failure (MTBF) is 20,000 hours. This is one of the highest rates in the EPSON line of matrix printers. Also impressive is the high life of the print head – 400 mil. characters.

The printer has two interfaces for connection: USB and parallel, which makes it compatible with various devices, depending on the capabilities and tasks of users.

The new printer has higher specifications. In addition, the FX 875 uses a new tape that provides consumers with consumable material with a higher service life (7.5 characters). New cartridges (tapes) are made with a special handle on the body, which makes it possible not to get your hands and clothes dirty when replacing or installing the cartridge.

The FX 875 has a new design. The color of the case and all options for the printer are made in gray. However, all options are fully compatible with the previous model and have the same codes.

The new printer is the best solution for companies and organizations such as: banks, financial organizations, shops, hotels, insurance companies, post offices, transport and logistics companies, warehouse terminals, ticket offices, retail and service companies.

  • Fastest printer in its class up to 680 cps
  • Ability to print up to 5 copies on paper forms ( and even up to 6 copies with an optional pull tractor)
  • Flexible paper management-front, top, back and bottom
  • Two optional edged sheet feeders for working with two different printing plates Flexible connection via parallel and USB interfaces (standard)
  • Optional interfaces for wireless and wired printing
  • Extremely high reliability of the printer: “Print Volume before Failure” (MVBF) is 52 mil. lines.
  • High printhead life – 400 mil. characters
  • Increased the feed resource-7.5 million characters

Driver Epson FX 875 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Epson FX-875_Drivers/SoftwareDownload

Driver Epson FX 875 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Epson FX-875_Drivers/SoftwareDownload
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