Driver Epson FX 880

The impact matrix 9-needle printer with a narrow carriage Epson FX 880 is the perfect solution for home and office.


  • The fastest dot matrix printer in its class. Print speed: 12 cpi-maximum 455 characters per second, 10 cpi-maximum 410 characters per second, draft 12 cpi-372 characters per second, draft 10 cpi — 310 characters per second, LQ 12 cpi-94 characters per second, LQ 10 cpi-78 characters per second.
  • 9×2-needle printer (80 columns)
  • As standard, the printer allows you to print up to 7 copies at a time (1 original + 6 copies)
  • Highest reliability: increased time to failure to 25,000 hours
  • Feed resource: 7.5 million characters
  • Interfaces: USB, LPT, network modification FX-890II N is available
  • Improved design and reduced dimensions: width-415 mm, length-350 mm, height-154 mm. Weight-7.6 kg. allow you to place the printer on a small surface.
  • High resource of the print head – 400 mil. Zn.

Driver Epson FX 880 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Generic 9-Pin Printer Driver v1.0bEsDownload
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