Driver Epson FX 890A

Epson FX-890A, designed to automate aviation and airport operations. In its development, the company used its forty years of experience in the production of matrix printers. The device is characterized by reliability, high performance and printing speed, as well as impressive protection from external influences.

The Epson FX-890A printer is based on the 9-needle matrix printing technology and is designed for printing passenger lists for airline flights, the so-called passenger manifestos. The printer works reliably under heavy loads.

One of the fastest in its class, the Epson FX-890A printer prints at a maximum speed of 680 cps in UHSDraft mode at a print density of 12 cpi. It can work with seven-page self-copying forms, and also allows you to print out passenger manifests and other important documents quickly and efficiently.


The Epson FX-890 printer requires minimal technical support. At the same time, the reliability of the printer is impressive: its life reaches 20,000 hours, and the life of the ink cartridge with an ink tape is designed to print 7.5 million characters.

Since the printer is installed in an open area of the airport, its case is equipped with a shock-resistant cover. For ease of operation, the Epson FX-890A is equipped with a paper feeder, as well as a reinforced and heavy-duty acrylic rail for paper separation.

The Epson FX-890A printer is easy to install, it is equipped with LTP and USB interfaces, and has a driver for working in Windows applications.

Driver Epson FX 890A for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

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Driver Epson FX 890A for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Printer DriverDownload
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