Driver Epson GS6000

The Epson Stylus ® Pro gs6000 printer sets a new standard for high-quality and safe solvent printing.

Designed specifically for the highest quality solvent printing, the Epson Stylus ® Pro GS6000 is also one of the fastest 64-inch models in its class.

In addition, working with the printer is quite simple and very user-friendly. The most important feature of this model is the use of eco-solvent inks, which have minimized harmful effects on the environment and are practically safe for humans.

8-color printer with eco-solvent ink Epson UltraChrome GS

With separate cartridges in eight colors, including green and orange, the Epson Stylus ® Pro GS6000 printer with the new Epson UltraChrome ® GS ink guarantees excellent, very long-lasting prints with a wide color gamut.

These specially designed inks make it unnecessary to use external dryers and ventilation systems.

In ink, not only was the use of harmful substances reduced, but Nickel was also completely eliminated, which minimizes the harmful impact on the environment.

High-performance MicroPiezo ® AMC dual printhead

To provide unsurpassed print quality at speeds up to 6 square meters per hour and standard quality printing at speeds up to 25 square meters. the New MicroPiezo ® AMC ™ dual-Array printhead has been developed per hour.

Specially designed for the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printer, this printhead makes it possible to maintain an optimal balance of quality and speed. Unique print head design for working with 8 channels. 1-inch wide printhead with 360 nozzles per color. Meniscus control technology for precise drop positioning. Maximum resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi for accurate printing of text and graphics. Variable size drop printing with a minimum drop of 3.7 PL for superior quality. Special coating to prevent clogging of the nozzles. A new design designed specifically for solvent printing.

Supports printing on roll paper up to 64 inches wide

  • Industry standard-front roll loading.
  • Support for Rolls weighing up to 30 kg, up to 170 mm in diameter.
  • Shaft-free loading of a roll with a 3-inch Core.
  • Possibility to use double tension for standard and heavy carriers.Manually adjustable print head clearance – 1.5 mm or 2.5 mm.Supports media up to 1.3 mm thick.
  • Easy setup for different media.

Automatic roll receiver / Winder

  • Convenient receiving shaft for long continuous operation.
  • Aluminum construction for uniform media tension.
  • Standard core diameter – 3 inches, roll weight up to 30 kg
  • Fine-tune the receiving shaft position.
  • Independent power supply, separate from the printer itself.

High-performance heating / drying system

  • Three individually controlled heaters (before, during and after printing).
  • Separately configurable temperature – “turn off” mode or set the temperature from 30 to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Ability to control the temperature via the control panel or software.

Intelligent service system

The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printer does not require daily time-consuming maintenance, only some procedures need to be performed every two weeks. In addition, the printer is supplied with a special kit, which is enough for a whole year of maintenance. Thanks to this, the user will be able to fully concentrate on the printed work. It has a 4-level cleaning system.

Driver Epson GS6000 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Communication Driver v1.20Download
EpsonNet Config Utility v4.9.5Download
Remote Panel Utility 2 v3.23Download
Epson Network Utility (AddNetFix)Download
Firmware Update v1.08Download
EpsonNet Config Utility v4.9.5Download

Driver Epson GS6000 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Communication Driver v1.0Download
EpsonNet Config Utility v4.9.5Download
Remote Panel Utility 2 v3.23Download
Epson Network Utility (AddNetFix)Download
Firmware Update v1.08Download
EpsonNet Config Utility v4.9.5Download
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