Driver Epson L130

For home and school classes, we recommend a modern Epson L130 printer with a 4-color palette of dyes. This model with inkjet technology is very compact. It weighs less than 3 kg, will not create problems with installation and transportation. The device in question works with the support of the largest A4 format. The speed in black and white mode is expressed by the parameters: in 60 seconds – 7 pages, in color-3.5. The warranty period is designed for 15,000 printouts. The main container holds 50 sheets of paper.

The black printer with a classic design will suit any office interior. The developers have taken care of minimal costs. The presented printing device is equipped with a factory continuous system. After reading the detailed instructions, it will be easy for you to master the filling of inkwells. The printing process, in addition to pleasure, will bring substantial amounts of savings.

The Epson L130 model has only positive reviews and boasts excellent technical characteristics and has a lot of advantages, among which it is worth noting separately:

  • original CISS-the volume of the tanks is 70 ml for each color, this amount will last you for a long time;
  • Micro Piezo printing technology guarantees high quality of the received texts and images;
  • supports working with several types of paper media, including envelopes and photo paper;
  • print resolution-5760×1440 dpi, the resulting images will always be clear and detailed;

Driver Epson  L130 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Epson Printer Installation GuideDownload
L130_windows_x64_Printer DriverDownload

Driver Epson  L130 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Epson Printer Installation GuideDownload
L130_windows_x86_Printer DriverDownload

Driver Epson  L130 for Mac OS 11.x

Epson Printer Installation GuideDownload
L130_MAC_Printer DriverDownload
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