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The Epson printing factory continues to develop. This time the company pleased us with a new device, namely the Epson L1300. Large-format printer with the ability to print up to A3+format. The Epson L1300 uses ink tanks with two compartments for black ink, which allows you to feed 2 times more black ink to the print head. Accordingly, this will significantly increase the printing speed. In addition, the ink tanks can hold 140 ml of black ink, which reduces the number of refills, which means that you can save time and simplify working with the device.


Externally, the Epson L1300 is very similar to the Epson Artisan 1430, and is identical in functionality to the Epson 1100. The shape of an elongated rectangle, next to the box attached, in which the ink tanks are hidden.

In the printer settings, you will not be able to find and track the ink level. You will have to follow the level visually.

The main printer control buttons are located on the front panel.

The box with the tanks is securely attached to the printer with holders, this will help you in transporting the device. Also, in order to prevent the ink from spilling, there is a transport blocker on the CISS.

The ink enters the print head via silicone tubes.

As with most printers, the paper feed tray is the top one. You can put up to 100 sheets in it.

Initial launch

The initial launch of the printer took about 40 minutes, of which 22 minutes the device pumped the system. If you have an internet connection, the printer will find the necessary drivers, but there are exceptions: this does not always work, or the device may use standard drivers that do not have the necessary utilities. So we installed all the necessary software from the disk. To start pumping the system, it was only necessary to hold down the “drop” button for 3 seconds.


About personal qualities, we can say that they are almost standard for Epson printers. A piezoelectric printhead is used. The minimum drop size is 3 pl., which means that the printer is perfect for sublimation printing. The maximum print resolution is 5760 by 1440 pixels. Four colors, optional black. As already mentioned, the device is very similar to the model 1430, but the only difference is the factory system of continuous ink supply. The tank of each color holds 70 ml of ink. And since there are two blacks, their total capacity is 140 ml.

For working with office paper, the manufacturer provides four settings: “Draft”, “Standard”, ” High “and” Advanced Settings”. In the” Advanced Settings”, the user can choose the print quality depending on the speed. For photo paper – three settings: “Standard”, “High”, “Advanced settings”.

Driver Epson L1300 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Epson Easy Photo Print for WindowsDownload
E-Web PrintDownload
Printer Driver for Win 64-bitDownload

Driver Epson L1300 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Epson Easy Photo Print for WindowsDownload
Printer Driver for Win 32-bitDownload

Driver Epson L1300 for Mac OS X 11.x

Epson Easy Photo Print for MacDownload
Printer Driver for MacDownload
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