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The Epson L3156 is a stylish 3-in-1 MFP (printer, scanner and copier) of the new generation with front-facing ink refill tanks, ink containers with a built-in accidental spill valve and an advanced “Key Lock”refilling system. An additional advantage of the Epson L3156 is the ability to work wirelessly from mobile devices based on iOS and Android thanks to the Wi-Fi Direct function.

“Key Lock” – a unique system of error-free ink filling

The process of refilling ink tanks has become even more convenient — containers of different colors have a different shape of the spout for refueling, suitable only for one filling hole on the principle of a key with a lock.

The “Ink Lock” valve — not a drop by

The new generation ink containers are equipped with a special built-in valve that protects against accidental spillage.

When the container is placed in the filling hole, the valve opens and the ink begins to flow into the printing system. As soon as you remove the container from the filling hole-the valve closes, and the ink remains inside, even if the container is turned over.

25 times more profitable than cartridge devices

Containers with ink are 2.5 times cheaper than similar cartridges, while the ink in the containers is 10 times more than in the cartridges. Don’t limit yourself to printing, with the “Epson Print Factory” you get more ink for less money.

Wireless printing with Wi-Fi Direct-just like one, two, three

The built-in Wi-Fi Direct module allows you to directly connect a printer and a mobile device without an additional intermediate link in the form of a router. Your printer will appear in the list of available wireless connections — connect to it, then launch one of the Epson Connect service applications. Now you can print photos and documents, scan images on your smartphone, monitor ink levels, and much more.

Applications for wireless operation

Use the free Epson Connect service applications to work wirelessly from iOS and Android mobile devices. Download the appropriate app to your mobile device: Epson iPrint, Apple-AirPrint, Epson Email Print, and Google Cloud Print.

Print for up to 3 years without purchasing consumablesYou don’t need to buy any extra ink, because the package already includes a set of ink containers. One set of containers is enough to print up to 7,500 color and 4,500 b/w documents.

Immaculate white finish

This MFP is made in white, which gives it a stylish look and allows it to perfectly fit into a bright interior.

Photos with and without margins

The Epson L3156 prints not only black-and-white and color documents (with graphics), but also perfectly copes with printing photos up to A4 format. Original ink and a high-tech Epson Micro Piezo printhead provide bright colors and clear details in photos – both with and without margins (printing in the “edge”).

High print quality and reliability

Thanks to the unique Epson Micro Piezo printing technology and precise pressure control in the ink tanks, you always get excellent quality prints. Specially designed materials, which are used to make the components of the device, ensure a long service life of the printer and work without breakdowns. The Epson L3156 has an official manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months or 30,000 prints.

Driver Epson L3156 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

L3150 Win Scanner DriverDownload
L3150 Win 64bit Printer driverDownload
EPSON Universal Print DriverDownload
Epson Printer Installation GuideDownload
Epson Connect Installation ProcedureDownload

Driver Epson L3156 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

L3150 Win Scanner DriverDownload
L3150 Win 32bit printer driverDownload
EPSON Universal Print DriverDownload
Epson Printer Installation GuideDownload
Epson Connect Installation ProcedureDownload

Driver Epson L3156 for MacOS 11.x

3150 Mac Printer driverDownload
L3150 Mac Scanner DriverDownload
Epson Printer Installation GuideDownload
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