Driver Epson L566

The Epson L566 MFP with CISS offers all the possible functions that such a device can have: printer, scanner,copier, fax.

The same features are available for the Epson L1455 (one of the flagship devices)

Functions and features

In order to describe all of them, you need a whole overview of the epson l566 multifunction device, here only a brief information is given.

This is a color printer, the standard 4 colors are supported. The minimum drop volume is also quite common for a device of this class – 3 picoliters, which provides good, accurate color reproduction. The print resolution of 5760×1440 pixels is sufficient for printing documents of the highest quality, but not excessive for text (which does not need a very high resolution).

The printing speed is quite high, which is typical for devices of the “upper middle class”: it can print up to 33 black-and-white pages and 15 color pages in a minute. The volume of the paper feed tray is 100 sheets, “gold standard”.

The MFP can connect to devices via various connection types: USB (version 2.0), Ethernet, and Wi-Fi are supported, and you can connect wirelessly using:

  • iPrint
  • Epson Connect
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Email Print
  • External features

The printer, scanner, copier l566 is quite large for a specialist in A4 sheets: its dimensions are 484x377x226 millimeters. This is due to the built-in continuous ink and fax system. CISS allows you to reduce the consumption of paint, and, most importantly, eliminates the need to change the cartridge every time – just add the paint to special tanks. Discounts apply when buying kits.

The LCD screen adds convenience: it displays information about the status of the printer (Sleep, waiting, printing) and additional information of your choice: you can configure the screen using proprietary applications.

Driver Epson L566 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Epson Event ManagerDownload
EpsonNet SetupDownload
EpsonNet ConfigDownload
E-Web PrintDownload
Epson Web InstallerDownload
Scanner driver for WindowsDownload
Printer Driver for Win 64-bitDownload
Epson Fax UtilityDownload

Driver Epson L566 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Printer Driver for Win 32-bitDownload
Scanner driver for WindowsDownload

Driver Epson L566 for Mac OS X 10.11.x

Epson Web InstallerDownload
MAC Printer DriverDownload
Printer Driver for MacDownload
Scanner Driver for MacDownload
Firmware Updater Yosemite – GateKeeperDownload
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