Driver Epson L800

The Epson L800 is a unique 6-color device with built-in large ink tanks, specially designed for those who need cost-effective printing of photos and CD / DVD discs – for photo salons, photo labs, private photographers who work from home, and many other business users.


The printer is an elongated black bar on the front, on the back wall of which a feed tray with sliding sections and a limiting bar for different paper sizes is installed with a tilt. At the front there is a folding lid, behind which the second tray is hidden, for paper media it is a receiving one, and for disks it is a feeding one.

On the right side there is a removable block with ink tanks, connected to the printer itself by a loop of six tubes. The unit is not fixed tightly and can be easily removed for refueling, so you can not grab it with your hand when carrying it. However, you do not need to be afraid to tear off the tubes: both they themselves and their attachment are quite strong, you can not tear them off without much effort. On the outer surface of the unit there is a large window, through which you can clearly see six containers made of translucent matte plastic, and the ink level in each of them.

Of the controls and display, there are only three illuminated buttons located on the left side of the front panel. On the back wall there is an even more modest set of connectors: a USB port and a connector for the power cable.


The Epson L800 printer has a 6-color printing system. The maximum resolution that the Epson L800 printer demonstrates with the original CISS: 5760×1440 dpi, and the maximum volume of an ink drop is 1.5 pl.

Printing a standard 10-by-15 cm photo takes no more than 12 seconds, and documents are printed even faster – up to 37 pages per minute in monochrome and up to 38 in full color.

Driver Epson L800 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Printer Driver v6.74Download
Epson Software Updater v4.6.1Download
Epson Easy Photo Print v2.83.00Download
MyEpson Portal v6.7Download
Epson E-Web Print v1.14.00Download

Driver Epson L800 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Printer Driver v6.74Download
Epson Software Updater v4.6.1Download
Epson Easy Photo Print v2.83.00Download

Driver Epson L800for macOS 11.x

Printer Driver v10.85Download
Epson Software Updater v2.6.1Download
Epson Print CD v2.42Download
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