Driver Epson L850

Photo center “three in one” — Epson L850, which allows you to achieve exceptional quality of photo printing. Epson L850 is a unique photo center with built-in ink tanks, instead of cartridges, specially designed for those who need a universal device that can scan, copy and print photos of the highest quality with a record low cost.

Inkjet printing without cartridges

A feature of all Epson Printing Factory devices is printing without cartridges. Thus, the design of the Epson L850 provides built-in ink tanks. Original Epson ink is filled in the built-in containers of 70 ml containers. The unique structure of the containers guarantees high print quality and reliable operation of the device even without the use of cartridges.

High resource of consumables

Consumables for the Epson L850 are containers with high-resource ink. So six containers of blue, magenta, yellow, light blue, light magenta and black ink will be enough to print 1,800 color photos in 10 x 15 format.

Scanning and copying

Thanks to the fact that the device combines the functions of a printer-scanner and a copier, you can easily scan and copy documents and photos at any time without leaving your home.

Unsurpassed print quality and speed

The Epson L850 photo printer is ideal for both high-quality photo printing and high-speed document printing. Thus, printing with water-soluble ink with a resolution of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi and a minimum drop of only 1.5 picolitres allows you to perfectly cope with the transfer of even the most complex shades and color transitions, and the technology of printing with variable-size drops allows you to maintain high speed.

Now you don’t need to connect your printer to your computer: print photos from SD memory cards, USB storage devices, or cameras. This will help you with a card reader and Pictbridge, and a large screen with a diagonal of 6.9 cm. and the touch control panel will allow you to not only print, but also edit pictures.

Easy maintenance

The special design of the ink tanks and containers allows even an inexperienced user to easily cope with filling the ink. You will not need any additional accessories — just turn the container upside down and pour the ink into the containers.

Driver Epson L850 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

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Driver Epson L850 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

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Driver Epson L850 for Mac OS 11.x

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