Driver Epson LQ 2090

With powerful 24-pin technology, the Epson LQ 2090 large format printer delivers precision text and graphics, plus durability and reliability for mission-critical printing requirements. Offering print speeds of up to 529 CPS and easy integration with existing print formats, this reliable performer is sure to boost productivity. With versatile 5-piece printing plates, multiple paper loading options, and strong, long-lasting tapes, it rushes through reports, purchase orders, invoices, and more.

Ideal for manufacturing and retail outlets, this printhead boasts an amazing 20,000 pox time-to-failure rating and 400 million character printhead life. Its easy-to-use control panel allows you to change print settings easily, and the user-friendly configuration software provides easy installation via a PC. It even provides parallel and USB ports, plus a slot for additional interface cards, including high-speed Ethernet, which ensures compatibility with almost any system.

Ideal for businesses that require high-quality, multi-part printing plates, the reliable Epson LQ 2090 printer offers extremely low operating costs compared to other printing technologies, as well as high performance compared to other printers in its class. Designed for use in demanding printing environments, this heavy-duty dot matrix printer handles mission-critical business applications with precision and ease.

Driver Epson LQ 2090 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

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Driver Epson LQ 2090 for Windows 8/7 32-bit

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