Driver Epson LQ 2180

The Epson LQ-2180 is a compact, affordable, and exceptionally reliable 24-needle dot matrix printer from Epson. Designed for fast and high-quality printing on special paper media of various sizes. With high print speed, reliability, flexibility, and high print quality, the LQ-2180 is the perfect solution for any business.

The Epson LQ-2180 is designed to work in the banking sector, as well as in other industries where printing on multi-copy media is required. Thanks to the high reliability of the printing mechanism, the printer can be used in unfavorable working conditions – in dusty rooms, in production, as part of mobile workstations.

The EPSON LQ-2180 offers print speeds of up to 480 characters per second, the ability to print the original document and 5 copies of it, as well as a wide variety of printing forms used. It can be used as a print server.

The service life of the head is 400 million characters

The cartridge for the LQ-2180 has a long service life, allows you to play 8 million characters. The advantages of this are obvious – longer intervals between cartridge changes, reduced printing costs, and reduced total cost of ownership of the printer.

Driver Epson LQ 2180 for Windows 7 64-bit

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Driver Epson LQ 2180 for Windows 7 32-bit

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