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The Epson LQ-2190 24-needle printer offers high speed and flexible printing capabilities. This reliable and cost-effective printer performs large amounts of work while maintaining high print quality. It is ideal for applications such as invoicing, printing invoices, compiling inventory lists, and even printing marking labels.


The printer is suitable for medium and large print volumes. The guaranteed time to failure is 20,000 hours, and the printhead life is estimated at 400 million points per needle. These reliability parameters guarantee trouble-free operation with minimal technical support, in turn, increasing productivity and reducing the total cost of ownership.


The printer’s print speed reaches 480 cps (10 cpi) in HSD mode, making it an ideal solution for printing large amounts of data. For users who need even higher productivity or print True Type fonts from a Windows environment, the PSE Print Acceleration mode allows you to increase the speed to 576 cps (12 cpi).

PSE Print Acceleration Mode

This innovative solution will be of interest to corporate users who print texts without using standard built-in Epson fonts, that is, printing bitmaps.

Previous ways to speed up the printing of bitmaps are implemented using sparse printing mode: the print head skips individual columns when playing a character, and the image clarity is lost. Epson’s innovation is to automatically reduce the distance between columns in PSE mode, so that the image quality is almost unchanged.

In PSE mode, with high speed and minimal quality degradation, the printer prints:

  • files from Windows applications (Microsoft Office Power Point, Microsoft Office Word)
  • documents in PDF format
  • documents printed in local languages (for example, Arabic texts)
  • pseudographs


Flexible paper management allows you to choose how to feed the paper: front, back, top and bottom. The broaching device with a universal (pulling/pushing) tractor allows you to load paper in two different formats at the same time. The ability to print 6 copies of a document is useful for printing on multi-copy media. The built-in USB interface provides flexible connection of the LQ-2190.

Cartridge life

The cartridge for the LQ-2190 has a long service life, allows you to play 8 million characters. The advantages of this are obvious – longer intervals between cartridge changes, reduced printing costs, and reduced total cost of ownership of the printer.
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