Driver Epson LQ 590

Epson LQ-590 dot-matrix printer for financial institutions, companies that need continuous printing of reports, receipts and similar documentation.

The printer is equipped with a 24-pin printhead. The maximum print speed is 529 cps, compatible with existing print formats, make it a reliable assistant. The maximum print resolution is 360 x 360 DPI.

Thanks to the wear-resistant tape, the printer easily copes with printing invoices and invoices for retail outlets, reports, forms and other documentation for organizations.

Excellent print head life of up to 400 million characters and a failure time of 20,000 RON ensure a long service life of the printer.

It is easy to use. Thanks to the control panel, it is easy to make print settings. The printer prints on various materials: envelopes, rolls, perforated paper

Connection to the printer is possible via USB connections, Ethernet. The advantage of this model is the presence of a slot for interface cards.

Driver Epson LQ 590 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Printer DriverDownload

Driver Epson LQ 590 for Windows 8/7 64-bit

Printer DriverDownload
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