Driver Epson LX 50

The EPSON LQ-50 (C11CB12031) printer is the smallest printer in the Epson matrix device line. Thanks to its compact size, the printer is interesting for placement and use on moving cargo transport. It is convenient to print invoices, invoices and other travel documents on perforated paper or z-form.

Printing capabilities

The Epson LQ-50 24-needle printer will become a reliable assistant in the operational cash desks of banks when processing receipts and other documents on continuous media. The printer provides high-quality matrix printing, works with three-layer paper. The print speed reaches 270 zn / sec at 12 cpi in Draft mode.

Paper Roll holder

Optionally, the Epson LQ-50 comes with a roll paper holder with a protective cover. When using the printer in adverse environmental conditions, the protective cover prevents dust particles from entering the media and the printer mechanisms.

Connection and placement

The Epson LQ-50 runs in a Windows environment, supports Epson and IBM emulations. The printer comes with built-in USB and LPT interfaces. The design of the case hides the interface connectors and allows you to carefully place the cable-to bring it out from either side of the printer.

Driver Epson LX 50 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

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Driver Epson LX 50for Windows 8/7 32-bit

Printer DriverDownload
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