Driver Epson LX-800

The EPSON LX-800 is a 9-needle dot matrix printer.
The printer does not have a high-speed capability, but it does an excellent job with printing documents such as receipts, forms, forms, invoices, invoices. It is suitable for financial organizations and warehouses where cheap printing is needed.

The lx 800 printer does not have an automatic paper feed, but it is quite wear-resistant and durable. The printer is quite noisy. For connection, a parallel LPT port is used, to connect a laptop via USB, you will need an adapter.


  • Mode of operation: text and graphic.
  • The maximum print speed is 180 characters per second.
  • Print direction-bidirectional with search logic when printing text, unidirectional-for graphics.
  • The size of the symbol is 3.1 mm.

Driver Epson LX-800 for Windows 10 64-bit

Generic 9-Pin Printer Driver v1.0bEsDownload
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