Driver Epson PLQ-30

Epson PLQ-30-printer for printing on strict reporting forms with auto-leveling function

The Epson PLQ-30 24-needle dot matrix printer was designed to work with strict reporting forms : passports, visas, bank account books, disability certificates, diplomas and certificates. The special functions of this unique printer ensure that the text is accurately placed in the BSO columns assigned to it.

Media format

Epson PLQ-30 is designed for printing on various documents in the format >A4 (94 columns). You can use it to fill out forms with a thickness of 0.065 to 2,600 mm, including multi-page forms (up to 7 pages). The printer can easily handle printing on bank books and passports, which have different thicknesses to the right and left of the place where the sheets are sewn, when they are not open in the middle. It should be especially noted that the printer supports printing on documents where the fields to fill in are located as close as possible to the edge of the form (margins from 3.1 mm), so you can use it to fill out the new standard hospital sheets.

Media Feed

The forms are fed from the front side of the printer, while the operator does not need to monitor their strictly horizontal position. The printer will automatically detect the borders of the document and align it before printing. At the end of the work, the Epson PLQ-30 also issues the document from the front side or stretches it back. In the second case, it will be convenient to use an optional set for a compact location of the printer, which includes a guide for easy delivery of the form.

Printing process

The Epson PLQ-30 automatically tracks changes in the thickness of the media during printing and thanks to the movable print head adjusts the impact force of the needles in such a way as to achieve a clear, neat, evenly bright text print. The printer’s print speed is 520 cps (12 cpi, HSDraft). The maximum possible speed is realized in the high-speed mode of 585 cps (12 cpi, UHSDraft).

Operational Advantages of the Epson PLQ-30:

The printer’s time to failure compared to the PLQ-20 has been increased to 12,000 hours, and the print head has a print life of 400 million characters. The noise level of this matrix printer does not exceed 55 dB (A). In addition, for the comfort of operators, the printer can be switched to a specially designed noise reduction mode. Printer cartridges are supplied in economical packages (3 pcs. per pack). The life of the cartridge is 10 million characters when printing in standard Draft mode (10 cpi).

Read / Write magnetic stripe

Some banks use payment books with a magnetic stripe. To work with such documents, you need a printer that can read and overwrite information on this medium. A special modification of the PLQ-30M printer comes with a built-in MICR/MSRW magnetic stripe reader/writer.

Connectivity options

The PLQ-30 has built-in USB, COM and LPT interfaces, which provides maximum flexibility when integrating the printer into various automation systems.

Emulations of Epson ESC/P2, Olivetti PR2, Wincor 4915, IBM PPDS allow you to connect the printer to various software. The printer has a driver for Windows, supports ESC/POS commands.

Features of the Epson PLQ-30:

  • High print speed — up to 585 cps (at 12 cpi)
  • Printing on multi-copy documents up to 7 copies (1 original + 6 copies)
  • Automatic media alignment
  • Low cost of ownership, thanks to a large ribbon resource (10 million characters)
  • Maximum media thickness-2.6 mm
  • Flexible compatibility-Parallel, serial and USB interfaces

Driver Epson PLQ-30 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

PLQ30_Windows_Printer Driver Ver.3Download

Driver Epson PLQ-30 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

PLQ30_Windows_Printer Driver Ver.3Download

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