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Photographers, designers and employees of advertising agencies have very high requirements for the quality of printing, since their income directly depends on it. That is why the Epson 4900 plotter is one of the top sellers in this segment. It perfectly combines the low cost of printing and the flawless appearance of posters, posters, charts or tables printed with it. In addition, it is not a problem to purchase a new Epson container after the ink is completely used up during very intensive printing.

Perfect print quality

This printing device reproduces up to 98% of PANTONE colors at a high level, ensuring that the color scheme of the print is fully consistent with the original. Therefore, if you own a photo studio or an advertising agency, one such model can replace a whole “fleet” of office equipment. Even when printing on various types of media, the most demanding user will not be able to find fault with the color reproduction. An additional SpectroProofer spectrophotometer is added to the plotter, which allows you to carefully monitor the reproduction when printing a particular shade. It is ideal for commercial use with its inflated standards thanks to the presence of 11 color cartridges.

Excellent clarity

The Epson 4900 model is capable of printing with a resolution of 2880×1440 dpi. This is achieved by using the MicroPiezo print head, which has 360 nozzles per channel. Therefore, when printing, 10 ink channels are used simultaneously, and the drop size does not exceed 3.5 pl, which guarantees perfect reproduction when printing even the smallest letters or graphic elements. The head has a special coating that prevents it from clogging. The plotter also implements the latest AccuPhoto rasterization technology, which allows you to avoid the appearance of grain in photos and images and contributes to the excellent transfer of nuances of light and shadow.


The print speed in the plotter reaches 30 m2 / hour, so it can be safely recommended for use in business printing, when there is no time to wait much.

Media sources

The printer supports printing on a wide variety of roll and sheet media, ranging in size from Letter format to 17 inches. The large front-facing paper tray, designed for 250 sheets of plain paper or 100 sheets of glossy paper, greatly simplifies the user’s life. No less convenient is the option to switch between the roll and sheet format of the media. This allows you to do other things while the plotter is typing. Also in the device there is a reliable cutter, very easy to operate, working very quickly and allowing you to cut even the canvas.


One of the important advantages of the plotter is its compactness. Equally important is good color reproduction and quick response to user commands. With the device, you don’t have to worry about print quality, thanks to the fairly high resolution and the presence of 11 color cartridges.

Driver Epson Pro 4900 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

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Driver Epson Pro 4900 for Windows 8/7 32-bit

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Driver Epson Pro 4900 for Mac OS 11.x

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