Driver Epson SC F3030

The SC-F3030 is a flexible industrial-grade textile printing solution that allows you to quickly respond to the flow of incoming orders. The printer provides a high level of quality and reduces the production cycle, allowing you to reproduce complex designs on a variety of light and dark fabrics at a very favorable cost of printing, especially for medium and large production enterprises.

The SC-F3030 allows you to quickly and easily place a T-shirt on a printed table. The function of automatic adjustment of the gap to the print head allows you to determine the height of the printed surface and makes it easy to print on products of different thicknesses, reducing the likelihood of operator error and marriage. At the same time, the maximum thickness of the product reaches 29.5 mm. The SC-F3030 is equipped with two PrecisionCore MicroTFP print heads, which can be changed by the operator, providing not only high printing speed, but also non-stop production. The printer is equipped with an ink station with a capacity of 1.5 liters, which significantly reduces the cost of printing. For better control over production time, Epson offers a cloud-based Production Monitor solution that shows the current status of the printer and production statistics on a PC or mobile device, wherever you are.

All solutions implemented in the SC-F3030 are aimed at improving the quality of the final product. Printing has become more accurate and stable thanks to the precise positioning of raster points with the Epson PrecisionCore MicroTFP print head. The print head nozzle control (NVT) technology automatically checks whether all the nozzles are working correctly and, if necessary, compensates for defects, ensuring high stability of the result.

The SC-F3030 is designed for continuous production. Together with replaceable printheads that are user-changeable, the printer boasts a variety of built-in automatic maintenance features. For example, the fabric cleaner of the print heads( viper), wide dust collectors and automatic flushing of the cap-all made to reduce downtime for maintenance and risks from operator intervention. On the other hand, the wide shrouds and LED lighting provide easy access to the service areas when needed, and consumables are changed as quickly as possible. Continuous production is also provided by large ink packs (1.5 liters).

It is controlled via a 4.3 ” touch screen. With it, it is easy to check the remaining ink, the time until the next cleaning, the settings of automatic gap control. All information is conveniently placed on one screen, so it is easy to control directly during printing. The Epson Garment Creator software not only allows you to prepare an image, but also includes a wide range of advanced features to solve the problems of high-quality printing on light and dark clothing and other textiles.

The ink meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 standards, confirming the complete safety of the final product for adults and children, including infants, as well as for the environment.

Every time you turn on the printer, you can be sure of consistently high product quality, as all components: the printer, print heads, ink, software and service system were developed by Epson for optimal interaction and high quality at a competitive cost of the final product.

Driver Epson SC F3030 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Garment Creator 1.10Download

Driver Epson SC F3030 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

Garment Creator 1.10Download

Driver Epson SC F3030 for Mac OS X 11.x

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