Driver Epson SC T5070

The Epson SC T5070 is a high-performance silent plotter. The plotter has a printing system up to A0 format, is small in size and can be placed close to the wall, thanks to the front control. The device contains all the latest printing technologies, which allows it to produce stunning quality prints with low cost. High resolution, excellent and informative software, excellent opportunities to work with a variety of media, high speed, reusable cartridges, all this will allow you to use the printer with maximum efficiency and economic benefits. It does an excellent job of printing maps and drawings, architectural documentation and posters, presentation and advertising materials. The machine has a network connection, which will help increase the productivity of your company’s employees.

High print performance

With its printhead, printer mechanism, and printing algorithm, the Epson SureColor SC T5070 is one of the fastest large-format printers in its class. Increasing the speed of printing without compromising its quality — these are the tasks set for the developers of these printers. The solution was found in the use of modern data compression and recovery technologies that allow you to increase the throughput during printing. An A1 print is made in 28 seconds.

Thin Film Piezo (TFP) Printhead with 10 channels

Introducing the revolutionary MicroPiezo ® TFP ™ printhead technology, Epson offers a new level of ink droplet application to paper for superior photographic quality.

Automatic print head alignment

Used in all Epson Stylus Pro series printers. The built-in sensor inside the printer provides unsurpassed accuracy and an automatic head alignment process for each of the channels is applied for single-and bidirectional printing modes

Automatic nozzle inspection system

Trouble-free operation of the printer and reliable print quality are the result of using a sensor that checks the condition of the nozzles and, if necessary, cleans the print head. The check is performed automatically, no more than 15 seconds, and without the use of media. In addition, the check can also be performed in standby mode.

Easy integration into any office

The new compact design and front-facing control of the printer functions allows you to conveniently place the printer even in a small room. The printer can be installed in a corner and literally clamped by tables or cabinets, since changing cartridges and containers for used ink, loading paper, accessing typos, managing through a Russified menu – all this is carried out from the front side of the printer.

Excellent color image printing quality with the new generation of Epson UltraChrome XD pigment ink

The wide color gamut and accurate color reproduction are the result of active refinement of the ink formula. Epson UltraChrome XD ink provides a wide color gamut, increased in the range of red shades. And the durability of pigment ink allows you to store prints for a long time in the room and even place them outside for a certain period of time.

Driver Epson SC T5070 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit

Printer Driver_Windows_64Download
EpsonNet Print for WindowsDownload
Epson Net Config for WindowsDownload
EpsonNet Setup for WindowsDownload

Driver Epson SC T5070 for Windows 8/7 32-bit

Printer Driver for WindowsDownload
EpsonNet Print for WindowsDownload
Epson Net Config for WindowsDownload
EpsonNet Setup for WindowsDownload
Remote Panel Tool for WindowsDownload

Driver Epson SC T5070 for Mac OS X 11.x

Epson Net Config for MacDownload
Epson Net Setup for MacDownload
Remote Panel Tool for MacDownload
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