Driver Epson TM U220

The main advantage of this series of POS printers from EPSON is very easy operation. The intuitive interface and simple management functions significantly reduce staff training time. TM-U220 series POS printers print faster than their predecessors: 4.7 pages / sec at 40 characters per line and 6.0 pages / sec at 30 characters! This leaves far in the past the time when there were queues due to the slow operation of the printer at the checkout.

Compact, reliable, long service life:

The TM-U220 series is stable and practical, and the metal frame and small size make the printers ideal for retail locations with limited space.

When using two-color tape from EPSON, printers can print in black or red. The text on the receipts or magazines is very clear. Customers are satisfied with the excellent appearance of receipts and receipts, which are easily and accurately separated using the auto-cutting mechanism (models A and B). High reliability and, as a result, a very low failure rate – a distinctive feature of all series of printers TM-U2XX.

Printouts that are impressive:

In addition to its robust design and efficient operation, Epson ensures that this series of printers is compatible with existing POS systems. This is necessary for businesses that already have Epson POS equipment. New features, such as automatic status detection, allow you to use the printer as a full-fledged element of the POS system. All three types of printers report the absence of paper through other devices (for example, by using an audio signal at the cash register terminal). As with many other Epson POS printers, the interfaces for connecting the printer to other systems are interchangeable and you can choose between RS232, RS485, parallel interface, or USB. Processing checks simultaneously in two different currencies (in DM and Euro) demonstrates the flexibility of the system, which will subsequently increase.

The new TM-U220 printers support the industry standard ESC/POS command system. Epson supplies its own OPOS drivers for these printers to facilitate application development.

Driver Epson TM U220 for Windows 10/8/7 64-bit


Driver Epson TM U220 for Windows 10/8/7 32-bit

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