Epson L120 driver

Epson L120 driver is the most affordable printer in this series. In addition, it has the most compact size of the entire line of devices “Printing Factory” thanks to the new design of ink tanks that hold 40 ml. ink of each color. Due to the lack of cartridges, the Epson L120 Printing Factory allows you to print color documents with a record low cost and is an ideal solution for users who need the most economical, but at the same time high-quality printing.

Record low cost of printing The standard ink containers of the C13T664 series with a capacity of 70 ml each serve as consumables for the Epson L120. Thus, despite the fact that the capacity of this device can hold 40 ml. ink, the cost of printing on it is the same as on other 4-color models of the Epson Printing Factory series – only 0.5 cents for an A4 color document.*

New design of ink tanks

The Epson L120 uses a new generation of ink tanks. Now you do not need to disconnect the containers from the case to refill the ink-all you need is to open the sealed lid and fill the ink. In addition, the new design allows you to transport the device without the use of sealed plugs and a transport valve.

High print quality and reliability

Thanks to the unique Epson Micro Piezo printing technology and precise pressure control in the ink tanks, you always get excellent quality prints. Specially designed materials, which are used to make the components of the device, ensure a long service life of the printer and work without breakdowns.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Confirmation of the high reliability of the Epson L120 Printing Factory is the official warranty from the manufacturer, which, as with similar models (Epson L110/L210), is 12 months or 15,000 prints**.

Compact size

Driver Epson L120 is the most compact Epson printing factory. Thus, if you want to save space on your desktop and still print at a record low cost, the Epson L120 is the perfect solution for you.

Below you can find the list of drivers to download. Short guide how to download Epson L120 drivers: 

  1. Before to start – Check it out your operating system 
  2. Choose an appropriate driver from the table given below 
  3. Press the button download you will find in front of required driver for Epson L120
  4. When it is saved to your computer, check the computer’s settings 
  5. Click on downloaded .exe. file 
  6. Once the driver is decompressed you the screen with setup will appear
  7. You are almost done. Several steps according to instruction and it is finished.

Driver Epson L120 for Windows 64-bit

E-Web print Download
Printer Driver for Win 64-bit Download
Firmware for Windows Download

Driver Epson L120 for Windows 32-bit

Printer Driver for Win 32-bit Download
Firmware for Windows Download

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