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Hp deskjet 2512 manual. Hp deskjet 2512 all-in-one printer manual

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Hp deskjet 2512 manual

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The HP 2512 print system is organized according to a strange and hopelessly outdated scheme. First, the cartridge and printhead are one and the same. This is impractical, because the ink tanks have to be replaced frequently, and with them, so does a functioning PG. Not surprisingly, this approach is found only in cheap devices, which generally do not claim to have high quality and impressive printing speed. That is, their print head is not particularly technologically advanced (if you can call it a mechanism that can measure and precisely spray drops of a few picoliters onto the media). In other words, the manufacturer does not feel sorry for such a PG.

Secondly, the cyan, magenta and yellow ink is not located in three separate cartridges, but in one combined cartridge. If you run out of ink in one of these three colors, you have to replace the whole block, no matter how much “fuel” of other colors is left in it. Of course, there is no economy here. By the way, it is not a secret for a long time that budget devices are not notable for low operation cost.

Despite the manufacturer’s approach to PG as a consumable, its characteristics are quite on the level of its autonomous counterparts. The maximum resolution for color printing is 4800×1200 dpi, monochrome – 600×600 dpi. The minimum volume of an ink drop when printing in color varies – depending on the quality settings – from 2.3 to 8.5 pl, which is quite decent. In monochrome mode, the volume is unchanged at 13.5 ppm. Using such large drops is unlikely to affect the quality of document printing.

The claimed speed is 8 monochrome or 5 color A4 pages per minute. The manufacturer is silent about how fast the newcomer handles photos. But HP does not hide the load indicators. The permissible one reaches 1000 pages per month, the recommended one – 400. Everything is quite standard for a home MFP.

The approach to the choice of ink is no less trivial. Black pigmented and color water-soluble “fuel” is used. This is a reasonable compromise between versatility and color print quality. Pigmented inks, as is easy to guess, are designed to create resistant monochrome documentation, while water-soluble inks are for everything else. “Waterborne” provides better color reproduction, especially with a limited palette (in this case, CMY). Even Epson (the new Expression Home and Expression Premium series) eventually came to combining different types of inks in one device.

The scanner in the MFP is contact (CIS). Its maximum optical resolution is 1200×1200 dpi. The scanning area corresponds to the format of A4.

Let’s summarize. In the novelty used questionable approach to the organization of the printing system (combined color cartridge, built-in PG), but this does not prevent her to provide a pretty decent print resolution and form a fairly small drops (at least in color mode). The speed is modest – if you take into account the habit of manufacturers to overestimate it. If the MFP really produces the promised number of pages per minute (which we will soon find out), it has every chance of success among buyers.

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