Hp deskjet 3050 manual

Hp deskjet 3050 manual. Hp deskjet 3050 all-in-one printer manual

On this site you can download Hp deskjet 3050 manual– this printer it can print, scan and copy documents on the go.

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Hp deskjet 3050 manual

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So, the HP 3050 is quite a handsome machine, interesting both by its elegant shape and its harmonious color scheme. Under the hood, it’s also all right: it prints documents well, handles photos (although this work is difficult for it), scans well, and can also boast useful additional features (such as Wi-Fi). Best of all, it’s reasonably priced.
The concept of HP 3050 is quite interesting: it combines the status of a budget machine and an almost senior model (formally, the senior of this fraternity is considered a photographic 3070A). They are combined quite successfully, and the stylish design is a striking confirmation of that. The inexpensive device, oddly enough, does not look cheap. However, the designers achieved this effect in the simplest (and therefore partly cheap) way: along with the matte surfaces, they did not spare the gloss. As a result, the scanner cover, which in the younger MFPs of the series was remarkably practical, became a real problem for fans of cleanliness: wiping off fingerprints from it would have to be done very often.
The control panel is quite modest: no flirting with touch, the ball is ruled by the buttons and a small monochrome display. There are only eight buttons: on/off device, scanning, canceling the current task, Quick form (printing templates without a PC), on/off Wi-Fi, and another three buttons with variable functions to work with the display. The size of the latter, of course, leaves much to be desired, but it is enough for basic functions.

On the back of the device by tradition there are two connectors: power and USB. However, the presence of the latter has not induced the manufacturer to add the USB-cable to the package. However, it is possible to connect the MFP to the PC without any wires – there is a wireless module for that.

To sum it up. Designers who worked on the appearance of MFP HP 3050, we safely give it a deserved four. Stylish and comfortable enough to use, the device can come to many people’s liking. One problem is the abundance of glossy paint.
Color fastness – that’s great, but the average user is much more interested in another issue – the skin. The producer offers two types of cartridges for our hero: standard and high-capacity. The volume of these ink cartridges is not listed anywhere, but their specifications specify the life span.

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