Hp deskjet 4158e manual

Hp deskjet 4158e manual. Hp deskjet 4158e all-in-one printer manual

The Hp deskjet 4158e is a printer designed for home use. It can print, scan, and copy documents on the go. The Hp deskjet 4158e manual also has a built-in memory card slot for easy printing.

How to install Hp deskjet 4158e

  • Select the desired Hp deskjet 4158e manual from the table and download it;
  • Open the download folder on your computer;
  • Double-click the downloaded file to run;
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The Hp deskjet 4158e is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it performs pretty well across the board and even surprised us with its excellent photo and graphic print abilities. On the other hand, it has extremely high operating costs, and out of all of the printers we tested, it is one of the most expensive models to own over time. It is also confined by HP’s proprietary ink service, making possible workarounds obsolete. Overall, this printer makes sense for those whose priority is the low initial purchase price and want a high-quality printer capable of producing solid photo prints but don’t use their printer very often.

Editor’s Note: We updated this review for the Hp deskjet 4158e on June 14, 2022, with additional sections highlighting value and suggestions for other products that may better suit your needs and budget.
The Hp deskjet 4158e performed pretty well quality-wise but made some errors that resulted in a reduced score. When performing our black and white quality test, the 4158e misprinted the first line of a few pages, with text being faint or missing part of letters. Otherwise, the text quality was quite good, with sharp, crisp character resolution
The Hp deskjet 4158e operating costs are pretty insane, landing it the worst score of any printer that we tested. Every 120 pages of monochrome prints will cost you $16, or $66.63 per ream. Color prints will set you back $84.95 per ream. For reference, the next most expensive printer to operate in our lineup costs $20 less per color ream.

With such high ink costs and because you have to replace ink so frequently with the 4158e purchase this printer and print an average of 2,500 pages per year, you’ll be buying the printer again ten times over after three years of ownership.
The 4158e performed pretty well overall in this metric but is limited by its small display screen. The initial setup is quite simple and is aided by the support of a mobile app, and although slow, we found the app and HP’s website quite easy to navigate and helpful.

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