Hp deskjet f4480 manual

Hp deskjet f4480 manual. Hp deskjet f4480 all-in-one printer manual

This site will provide you Hp deskjet f4480 manual is a printer that can print, scan and copy documents on the go. The Hp deskjet f4480 also has a built-in memory card slot for convenient printing.

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Hp deskjet f4480 manual

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The Deskjet F4480 is a simple device; the paper loads from the front, traverses the curved paper path and emerges from the front. This means that the 4480 will take up a smaller desktop footprint than printers that have a straight paper path and load paper from the back, but you still can’t sit the F4480 flush against a wall — the power and data cables stick out of the back.

You can load up to 80 sheets of plain A4 paper and the printer can hold up to 15 sheets of output. In our tests, we got it to hold up to 20 pages without spilling them onto the floor. There isn’t a separate tray for the output to sit on; after it comes out of the printer it just rests atop the input tray. It’s a very simple printer — you don’t have to attach any wings to it, just drop and extend the flap at the front.

The Deskjet F4480 has two ink cartridges: a black cartridge and a tri-colour one. They are very easy to install; just pull down the lid, wait for the holder to come to the centre and push the cartridges into it until they spring into position. However, they can be a pain to remove because the holder moves when you apply pressure to the cartridges and you have to centre it again to make sure the cartridges can slide out of their groove.
The Deskjet F4880 is supplied with HP 60 cartridges. The cost of the standard HP 60 black cartridge is $24.32 and the tri-colour cartridge costs $28.52. Considering the printer itself costs only $89, it’s a substantial replacement cost. There are HP 60XL cartridges available, too, which cost $47.84 and $56.24 for the black and tri-colour, respectively — getting one of each will cost $15 more than the printer! For the standard cartridges, the average cost per page is approximately 29 cents, which is almost 3 cents more expensive than the standard running cost of the HP Photosmart B109a, for example, which has a higher initial outlay of $129. Using the XL cartridges, the running cost is 20 cents per page. In essence, the XL black cartridges give you three times the print capacity for less than twice the price of a standard cartridge, while the Xl tri-colour cartridge gives you just under three times the capacity for double the price.

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