Hp envy 5535e manual

Hp envy 5535e manual. Hp envy 5535e all-in-one printer manual

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Hp envy 5535e manual

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The Hp envy 5535e is capable of replacing a printer, scanner and copier at the same time. In this case, the compact size of the MFP will certainly appeal to users who need a desktop system for working with paper documents. The layout of the device is traditional. A flatbed scanner is placed at the top, a control unit is below. The lowest position is occupied by the output tray of the device.

The impeccable combination of classic colors makes the model very attractive. The dark body and the top cover are separated by a light band of gray plastic, which, on the front side, turns into a curved panel. On its curve is the main control body of the device – a color touch screen with a 6.74-cm diagonal. Thanks to the well-organized menu any person can understand the navigation. The sensor has good touch recognition, providing comfortable operation.
Printing is done with inkjet technology. The printer uses the CMYK system, with the black color separated into a separate cartridge, while the remaining triad uses a single module. The device supports two types of consumables. The basic cartridges are designed to print 190 pages in black and white and 165 pages in color. It is also possible to use extended versions, which reduce the cost per print. In this case, the cartridges are additionally marked XL and are suitable for printing 480 and 330 pages respectively.

The built-in tray has a capacity of 100 sheets, which is almost always enough for home needs. Installation of a larger tray or automatic feeding system is not provided by the design. Space for finished prints is limited to 30 sheets. The maximum size of documents to be processed is limited to A4.
Hp envy 5535e has no internal sensor for paper type recognition. Therefore, the whole concern of choosing the appropriate material falls on the user’s shoulders. And the printing speed is rather low. It would seem that with such indicators the device is doomed to fail. However, all this is more than compensated by the high (and sometimes excellent) quality of the finished prints. In addition, MFP can work not only with normal, but also with photographic paper, envelopes, transparencies and stickers. The omnivorousness is amazing, which will come in handy in practical use.

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