Hp laserjet pro m225dw manual

Hp laserjet pro m225dw manual. Hp laserjet pro m225dw all-in-one printer manual

Here is everything you need to know about the Hp laserjet pro m225dw manual – a document that contains information about installing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting the Hp laserjet pro m225dw printer.

How to install Hp laserjet pro m225dw manual

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Hp laserjet pro m225dw manual

HP Smart Device Service (SDS) Supported Products (white paper)Download

Nowadays, devices such as scanners and printers are firmly integrated into our lives, they are actively used by students, office workers, and in general by almost everyone who works or studies anywhere. I am no exception, and quite often I have to print and scan a huge number of pages. Until recently, I used a printer and a scanner. But one “fine day” the old scanner, which is now 13 years old, failed and simply died. If you at least once in your life had to scan about 150 pages, run them through a FINEREADER, and then long and hard to edit in WORD you know how I felt when my scanner broke, and the documents need to work, and urgently. Well, I have been thinking for quite some time about buying something versatile, namely, MFP, which combines a printer, scanner and photocopier. The model of MFP, which would meet my requirements, I looked for a long time ago, so when the scanner broke, I did not have to spend time on a long selection of devices, because this stage was passed in advance, I just have to go and buy.

Now let’s move on to the hero of this review, the HP LaserJet Pro M225rdw laser MFP. The device is made of black plastic, part of the body is matte, but there is also a glossy plastic, so beloved by electronics manufacturers and extremely unloved by me because of its ability to scratch even before it falls into your hands. The MFP has relatively small dimensions: 442.5×407.7×371.3 and easily fits on almost any desk.
On top of the device is located an automatic sheet feeder for scanner, the capacity of the tray is 35 sheets, which is very convenient when working with large amounts of documents, loaded a bunch of sheets and you can do other things while the device scans or takes a copy. By the way, the original feeder in the scanner is double-sided, so you do not have to constantly get up and away from work to turn the sheets, MFP takes care of everything himself. Scanning speed is quite high, 15 pages per minute for black and white documents and 6 pages per minute for color, so you can not load the machine and go drink tea, as in the good old days. Scanned sheets can be saved immediately on a flash drive, the device has a USB slot, or send by e-mail. All this can be done without a computer.

Copying is also very fast – 25 pages per minute. The maximum resolution for copying is 600×600 dpi. The scale can be changed from 25% to 400%.

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