Hp officejet 4500 manual

Hp officejet 4500 manual.Hp officejet 4500 wireless all-in-one printer manual

We give you the Hp officejet 4500 manual,which is a printer designed for home use. It can print, scan, and copy documents on the go. The Hp officejet 4500 wireless also has a built-in memory card slot for easy printing.

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Hp officejet 4500 manual

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HP offers a choice of three budget HP Officejet 4500 MFPs: the HP Officejet 4500 Wireless (CN547A), the regular HP Officejet 4500 Desktop (CM753A), and the networked HP Officejet 4500 (CB867A) with no additional words in the name. However, the mention of the latter was recently removed from the official HP website. Probably, the hour is near when the sales of this MFP will stop. Of those devices that have settled on the market seriously and for a long time, the first has the ability to connect to a PC via Wi-Fi, and the second – to support the local network. The disgraced third has neither of them. Other differences between these models are insignificant (see “Brief Technical Specifications”) and are mainly reduced to the price difference (for more details see “Cost. Competitive Analysis”).
Automatic Document Feeder Module – CB867A and CN547A only

The HP Officejet 4500 looks good. The only complaint is the thickness of the plastic: light pressure noticeably bends it. The developers’ decision to perform the scanner cover (all MFP variations) and the control panel (all MFP variations, except the wireless one) in glossy is questionable: it turned out marginal and impractical. The other surfaces have a matte finish, and a large part of the front panel is also ribbed. The unit is assembled with care: the clearances between the component parts are minimal, there are no play and creaks.

The button control panel is located on the left side of the MFP front, tilted, the angle of tilt is fixed. There are few buttons, most of them – a digital keyboard built-in fax. There is a monochrome LCD display: it simplifies the work with the fax, and also serves to display the menu, which is organized quite clearly, and therefore makes a pleasant impression. The backlight of the screen is green. MFP mode of standalone operation is not provided (not counting the fax, of course).

As it was already said, the HP Officejet 4500 printing system implies only 2 cartridges: black and tricolor. The capacity of the latter – only 9 ml, which is unacceptably small for MFP, which aims to be an office (this is evidenced by belonging to a series of Officejet). According to Yandex.Market, the Russian retail price of such a cartridge is almost 700 rubles. A high-capacity cartridge is not available. But there is a high-capacity black ink cartridge (9 ml against 4 ml for a standard capacity cartridge), but it costs more (about 800 rubles against 500 for a standard capacity cartridge). Interestingly, the purchase of a new set of original ink cartridges will cost the lucky owner of the HP Officejet 4500 almost half the cost of a new MFP. Until this situation changes, we have to expect only an increase in demand for CISS and CCDs.

About the HP 901 Officejet printhead, the official documentation says almost nothing. In particular, HP keeps silent about the volume of the ink drop, and reports only that the MFP uses black pigment and color water-soluble ink, and speed indicators. So in draft-quality mode, the MFP allegedly develops speeds of 28 and 22 pages per minute (for monochrome and color document printing, respectively), and in laser-quality mode, 6 and 4 pages per minute. On the official website, HP employees insist that the speed indicators of the hero of this review are not worse than those of an average laser printer. Not a word is said about printing photographs, although the description of the older models of the series promises excellent quality of photoprinting is not squeamish. The MFP prints color documentation with a resolution up to 4800×1200 dpi, monochrome – up to 600 dpi.

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