Hp officejet 5510 manual

Hp officejet 5510 manual. Hp officejet 5510 all-in-one printer manual

The Hp officejet 5510 is a printer designed for home use. It can print, scan, and copy documents on the go. The Hp officejet 5510 manual also has a built-in memory card slot for easy printing.

How to install Hp officejet 5510 manual

  • Select the desired Hp officejet 5510 manual from the table and download it;
  • Open the download folder on your computer;
  • Double-click the downloaded file to run;

Hp officejet 5510 manual

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The bell tolls for the HP Photosmart B110. Apparently, it’s the one that the new-born Photosmart 5510 is trying to displace from the market. At the same time objectively it is not better than its offended relative – except that its case design, in our opinion, is a bit more refined. But there was no way to avoid direct internal competition in HP (not to update model range – not an option), because the bold point in filling various functional niches Americans put even release Deskjet 3070A – an inexpensive photo MFP with ePrint, but without Print Apps, and as a consequence or reason, with a monochrome LCD screen instead of color.

Explanation. There are not many devices in the HP Photosmart series of MFPs, they are all technically very similar (based on the HP 178), but there was no direct competition between them until recently. The reason for this, of course, HP intelligent marketing policy: among the 5 represented could easily find a device for every purse and taste, while knowing for sure that even the most inexpensive B010 – is not just a throw-away 2500 rubles, and a real, albeit fairly simple, photographic MFP. Deskjet 3070A took its niche, already described above (transferred to another series on the sly), but the novelty will have to go over the heads of congeners.

But with other competitors (more details – in the next section) everything is very clear. HP Photosmart 5510 will beat them at least in the number of innovative technologies. The heavy artillery are, of course, ePrint and Print Apps, about which we wrote a lot in our previous reviews, but now just to remind you: ePrint allows you to print documents and photos by e-mail, and Print Apps is a simple widget to follow popular web sites updates, print various templates (puzzles, children coloring books, calendars) and photos from social networks and other web storages.

The nature of the name of the novelty is curious: before Photosmart 5510 devices with a four-digit digital and no letter index in a series of home photo MFP HP simply was not. We dare to suggest that this is how our hero was dubbed in memory of the Officejet 5510 MFP, they say, to achieve the “mirror” markings or even out of some superstitions.

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