Hp officejet 7000 wide format manual

Hp officejet 7000 wide format manual. Hp officejet 7000 wide format all-in-one printer manual

We can help you find and download the manual for Hp officejet 7000 wide format is a printer designed for home use. It can print, scan, and copy documents on the go.

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Hp officejet 7000 wide format manual

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As we said before, practicality is clearly not one of the virtues of this printer. The abundance of glossy surfaces can hardly be called a good solution for a device that is regularly used by five or ten people. So to keep the HP 7000 clean is a thankless task. However, it is unlikely that the inhabitants of the office will care about its cleanliness, so the most probable fate of a shiny printer is once and for all covered with fingerprints. Oh yes, we almost forgot: the color of the device is black.

The weight of the printer is very modest: only 7 kg, nothing by the standards of wide format devices. And the size of the HP Officejet 7000 model cannot help but please: it is a little bigger than its office colleagues HP Officejet Pro 8000 and HP Officejet 6000. However, when the trays are unfolded, the dimensions of the device increase significantly: by three and a half times.

Speaking of trays. The one for clean paper is designed for 150 sheets, and the tray for finished prints is designed for 100 sheets. Well, for a large format printer this is more than enough.
The HP Officejet 7000 printing system is not expected to do wonders. Only four cartridges (by the way, black ink – pigmented, color – water-soluble), and print head HP 920 Officejet though and good, but with the professional it does not compare. However, this does not prevent the manufacturer to promise the mountain of gold.

Assurances of good quality document printing can be safely believed. But we doubt the veracity of the phrase “professional-looking color documents and photographic quality prints from postcard format to A3+”. We have seen from our own experience that only professional printers guarantee professional quality. For example, the already mentioned competitor of our protagonist, Epson 1410, showed the quality that can be called excellent only by the standards of home devices. This quality is far from professional quality.
As you have noticed, at the beginning we were skeptical about the hero of the review HP Officejet 7000. And we had good reason to be: an incomprehensible printer with absolutely impractical appearance could hardly be called “the best solution for small office”. However, the device passed all the tests with flying colors and even surprised us with its printing speed. So, if you are not lazy to watch its cleanliness, you can buy it with confidence: this device is very good quality.

The advantages of the HP Officejet 7000:


excellent print quality;
impressive printing speed;
ability to connect via local network.
Impractical design due to the abundance of glossy surfaces;
The actual speed does not match the promised performance with the draft quality settings.

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