HP officejet pro 6978 manual

Hp officejet pro 6978 printer manual or user manual

The Hp officejet pro 6978 printer manual is a manual that contains instructions for the printer. The user can find out how to install the ink cartridge, how to load paper and how to use the scanner.

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Hp officejet pro 6978 manual

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The HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 is a laser-based printer that replaces the hp officejet ix 4500 printer. The 6978 is quieter than before and uses less energy, making it easy on the environment. It also includes the HP ePrint Service to make it easier to print wirelessly from your Android or iOS device. With new print speeds of 28 ppm black and 15 ppm color, this printer can deliver fast results in a single pass without any wasted ink. The OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One printer combines the speed, efficiency and quality of a laser with the convenience of an inkjet printing technology. Print professional quality black and white documents at speeds up to 34 ppm or colour prints at speeds up to 27 ppm.

This unit takes the standard OfficeJet design and adds some wonderful features that I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate. HP has streamlined their printer setup to a point of incredible efficiency now! Getting this OfficeJet Pro 6978 Wireless printer up and running was the easiest hardware experience I have ever had! I had not quite understood that the printer itself becomes a network, which is pretty awesome when our daughter’s college friends are visiting and want to print something. We can just give them access to the printer’s network and they can print from their phones/tablets/laptops/whatever! It is very slick and convenient!

While this looks very similar to every other OfficeJet we have owned, the duplex feeder, which scans or copies double sided documents is a great improvement over our previous models. The document feeder itself is heavier than the one on our last OfficeJet, but it lends to a general overall feeling that this machine is more solid, too. The ability to print or scan directly FROM or TO a flash drive is awesome! Our kids often have to save school assignments they are working on to a flash drive, and being able to just plug it in and print or scan new images to it is very helpful. The USB port is right above the power light on the lower front left of the printer, so it is easy to access for printing documents directly from the USB drive…or saving scanned items directly to it!

The scan and copy features seem faster than our last machine, but still won’t be winning any scanning derbies. The touchscreen menus offer many new features that our last one didn’t (printing passport photos, a special setting for copying ID cards, Help videos you can watch right there on the touchscreen and even some pre-made forms you can print!). The user interface feels closer to using a first edition smart phone with the swiping to see options within certain menus, which is a nice change, too. I find the screen to need a bit of an aggressive touch and it is a little clunky feeling compared to tablets and smartphones now (which is why I said a first edition)…but it is user friendly and a nice way to select things instead of trying to figure out which menu you need and how to get back.

The paper tray actually holds a little less than our last OfficeJet (this one has a 225 sheet capacity and ours held 250). We aren’t ‘power printers’ so this really is inconsequential to us, but might matter to someone else. One thing I really don’t like about this printer is the same issue I have never liked about the OfficeJet series in general…the extension tray that holds our printed documents feels very flimsy! In the case of this printer, it especially feels like a stark contrast because the rest of the machine is so solid! We have never broken one of these, but admittedly, it is a fear of mine that we one day will….

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