Hp officejet pro 8500 manual

Hp officejet pro 8500 manual. Hp officejet pro 8500 all-in-one printer manual

Our site will provide you Hp officejet pro 8500 manual is a document that contains information about Hp officejet pro 8500 how to use it. The manual also explains how to install and set up the software on your computer, install cartridges, scan documents, copy documents, and fax documents.

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Hp officejet pro 8500 manual

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It seemed simple. In July 2009, HP introduced three office units: the HP Officejet Pro 8000 printer and two MFPs, the HP Officejet 6500 and the Officejet Pro 8500. The 8500, the hero of our review, was the most sophisticated technically and, of course, the most expensive. There are only three models. Do you think that only the last idiot could get confused in them?

When we opened the cardboard box with the new 8500 that we had to test, we could not be more surprised: Inside there was a different MFP – at least not 8500 as it was presented on the official site. Yes, it resembled the “original” in general outline, but differed from it a lot – say, like Epson TX550W from Epson SX420W. For clarification we had to scour the web.

What did we find? (This question, if anything, precedes the climax of the announced five minutes of hate.) HP uses a completely incomprehensible, illogical and never predictable way of naming models. If we were not constrained by the narrow confines of online propriety, we would rightly call this method, sorry, bastard.

So, as it turned out, the model we have got in our hands is called 8500A. The “A” is surprisingly big in size, a better scanner than the usual HP 8500, WiFi, a color LCD with touch buttons (instead of the two-line segment with regular buttons), and probably more things we weren’t paying attention to. We vow to figure it all out for… some time necessary to solve this difficult problem.

For now, let us share the considerations at hand. The simplest of the 8500s is the regular HP 8500 without any additional letters or words. It’s also the cheapest, at around 6,500 roubles. It has no Wi-Fi support, a scanner with an optical resolution of 4800×4800 dpi (2400×4800 dpi instead) and a spectacular LCD display.

Another variation of this MFP, the HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless, has a spectacular LCD display and WiFi module. But it costs about 8000 rubles. And the best is 8500A, which we found. Its control panel is radically redesigned, it is a little more bulky and more expensive for another 500 rubles.

Here we can’t do without the subtotal. You can tell a lot about Epson’s printing devices by their name alone. For example, SX525WD definitely has support for wireless networking and duplex, as indicated by the letters in the model name. The name of the model in HP is at least a bit strange. But we managed to find out – not without difficulty – that the hero of our review was suddenly the most stylish and technically advanced modification of the already top-of-the-line MFP 8500.

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