Hp photosmart estation c510 manual

Hp photosmart estation c510 manual. Hp photosmart estation c510 all-in-one printer manual

We can help you find and download the manual for Hp photosmart estation c510 is a printer designed for home use. It can print, scan, and copy documents on the go.

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Hp photosmart estation c510 manual

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The HP Photosmart eStation C510 is an extension of HP’s efforts to include Web-connectivity across its line of printers. With a detachable 7-inch Android-powered tablet that lets you surf the Web, browse Facebook, and access the Barnes & Noble eBook store, the device is clearly targeted at the home user who values the printed page and instant-on Internet access for what HP calls “snacked-on” content: things like e-mail, RSS feeds, quick snapshot photo edits, and more. While we value HP’s effort to untether the printer from a computer, the C510 is pricey at $399 and the device is marred by a cumbersome connection process, and a finicky, underwhelming tablet. With Google and other services offering their own cloud-based printing solutions, you’ll enjoy better functionality and more entertainment with a dedicated tablet PC and a standalone all-in-one printer.
The printer alone is similar to HP’s other multifunction models, with a scanner lid on top, a five-ink cartridge bay hidden inside, and a dual paper tray below with separate drawers for full-size paper and smaller sheets of photo paper.

Amateur photographers and small businesses may be disappointed that the C510 doesn’t have an auto-document feeder, but HP includes a removable auto-duplexer on the back that can flip a sheet for double-sided printing. On the other hand, we should note that although you save resources by printing on both sides, the duplexer is slow to operate and will increase the amount of time it takes to finish a print job.
Once you connect the three devices to the same wireless network, you can take the Zeen off the C510 and use it autonomously from the printer. At the time of its debut, we assumed that the Zeen would use HP WebOS, a proprietary interface developed first by Palm and purchased by HP in 2010, but the Zeen is actually powered by Google’s Android 2.0 operating system. HP tells us that timing made a big difference in the decision, but the open-source nature of Android was also a factor, offering the capability and reach that a proprietary OS like WebOS couldn’t deliver.

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